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Meet The team

Meet The Team

Shape It Up started in 1999 in a local village hall offering Aerobic and Step classes. Over the years the team has grown and we have developed through training and experience to now provide Pilates and Fitness workshops which are sensitive to your body’s needs and our aim is to give you useful information and exercises which can help you improve your physical condition.

We started in the local community and that is where are heart still is. We want you to enjoy your workshops, get great information and have a good workout. Lots of our members have become friends outside of class and that is the atmosphere we try to promote.

Anne Simonsen

Pilates and Fitness Specialist

I started Shape It Up Pilates & Fitness in 2001, but have been teaching Fitness sessions since 1992 and Pilates since 2003.

Joining a running group in my local park in Dublin was the beginning of my fitness career, a much older runner took me under his wing and helped me get my pace, breathing and general technique sorted, I will never forget the first time I ran a complete mile, just never thought I could do it, but I did.

This very positive experience stayed with me and I have built my business on educating my clients with the right information to help them get fitter, stronger and more confident, urging them to go beyond what they think they can do. Every session is different and every client is important.

Mary Lou Minards

Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates

I am a chartered physiotherapist and Pilates teacher. I completed my physio degree in 1994 and worked in many areas of physiotherapy, soon realising that I wanted to specialise in musculoskeletal outpatients (muscles, joints etc.!)

Pilates is primarily aimed at core stability and control, but I like to include a large amount of stretching in my classes, with some strength and balance work as well. I am particularly interested in maintaining a healthy muscle and fascia system within the body, and particularly enjoy adapting exercises to suit the individual. Each of my classes includes graded movements in many different positions (floor, standing, all fours etc.) and I often try to include some use of equipment such as half-rollers, squishy balls and Theraband, as an extra challenge.

I try to make my classes interesting, informative and enjoyable and can bring some of my physio background to the teaching of Pilates.

Dorte Jensen

Pilates Instructor & Reformer

Dorte grew up in Denmark but has lived in the UK since 1996.

When Dorte was introduced to Pilates back in 2001, she realised that she had found a regime that offered an intelligent form of exercise which delivers excellent results. She loves to watch her clients gain confidence in their bodies and takes great pleasure in helping them along their journey, whatever the starting point. The shared objective is for the client to become stronger, leaner and better aligned.