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September Timetable: September 4th - October 21st 2017 (7 weeks)

Choose the class you would like to attend and make a booking to secure your place. we provide everything you need for the class.

New clients: Please complete a health form and email or bring it along to your first class| DOWNLOAD FORM |

Beginners: If you have never done Pilates before, please sign up for the Beginners Classes or we can organise a half hour 1:1 session.



09.30–10.30Standing Core & SculptStudioBook It!Merritt
10.45–11.45PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte
18.00-19.00Intermediate PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte
19.00-20.00Intermediate PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte
20.00-21.00Intermediate PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte


09.30–10.30PilatesChurch LawfordBook It!Mary Lou
18.15-19.15Intermediate PilatesStudioBook It!Merritt
19.15–20.15Standing Core & SculptStudioBook It!Merritt


09.30–10.30Pilates CircuitsStudioBook It!Dorte
09.30–10.30Holistic Core Restore Every Woman (Foundation Course)Studio 2Book It!Anne
10.45–11.45Intermediate PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte
12.00–13.00One to One PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte/Anne
13.00–14.00One to One PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte/Anne
14.00-15.00Post Natal Mums & BabiesStudioBook It!Anne
16.30–17.30Beginners PilatesThe StudioBook It!Anne
18.00–19.00Intermediate PilatesStudioBook It!Anne
19.00–20.00Beginners PilatesThe StudioBook It!Anne


09.30-10.30Improvers PilatesHillmortonBook It!Anne
09.30-10.30PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte
10.45-11.45Pilates CircuitsStudioBook It!Dorte
12.30–13.30One to OneStudioBook It!Anne
13.30–14.30Pilates For Hip & Knee ReplacementsStudioBook It!Anne
15.30–16.30One to OneStudioBook It!Anne
17.30–18.30PilatesStudioBook It!Anne
18.30–19.30PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte
19.30–20.30PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte


09.30–10.30Standing Core & SculptStudioBook It!Merritt
09.30–10.30Intermediate Pilates: Dunchurch: Small Lounge & Main HallBook It!Anne: Main Hall
Mary Lou: Small Lounge
13.00–14.00Pilates StudioBook It!Anne
14.30–15.30One to One ReformerStudioBook It!Dorte/Anne
17.15–18.15Advanced PilatesStudioBook It!Dorte/Anne


09.30–10.30Core Restore HeatStudioBook It!Anne
11.00-15.30Studio Open Day September 9thStudioBook It!All
10.45-11.45Holistic Core Restore Every Woman (Foundation Course)studioAnne
10.00–13.30Mini Retreat
August 20th
StudioBook It!Anne
10.00–13.30Mini Retreat
October 14th
StudioBook It!Anne